Install Linux on Your Old Windows XP Computer to Breathe New Life Into It

Lifehacker is one of my favorite blogs on the web. The writers there are amazing and there’s always good content. I read through an article, once again by Alan Henry, entitled What Should I Do With My Old Windows XP Laptop? Henry does a great job of going through several different options. The option that he ends on is the one that I want to highlight here. Try Linux. Linux has come a long way and there’s a very low barrier to entry for new users. An installation such as Linux Mint is not only easy to pick up, but comes with very low system requirements. It will make your old PC feel new again. One of the other luxuries of Linux is that there are more distributions than you will find for any other OS. Start out with Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Fedora and then make the switch to more niche distributions. You’ll learn a great deal and add on years to the life of your PC. 


P.S: Linux Mint is my favorite distribution.