Use a Linux Live CD to Troubleshoot Your PC

Linux Live CDs are kind of the swiss army knives of PC troubleshooting and repair. One of the most useful distributions is Knoppix STD which comes with a full accessory of applications to figure out what’s ailing your PC and to fix it some 90% of the time. If you’re Windows installation isn’t booting then using a Linux Live CD can give you access to your Windows file system and registry. This has happened to me in the past. I had a Windows Vista installation that blue screened, but thankfully Opensuse 10 allowed me to fix the registry problem, boot my Windows partition and find a permanent solution. If you’re Windows installation can’t be repaired or put into a bootable state, you can use a Linux Live CD to safely pull your data off your Windows partition. These are two of many problems that a Linux Live CD can resolve. Use Linux Live CDs to troubleshoot your PC.