The Open and Clean Workspace | 43 Folders

Raymond A. Guzman

From a productivity standpoint, I really value open and clean work spaces. Lifehacker has a showcase that specifically showcases user work spaces and that’s a great place to find ideas for your work space. I think that when you give yourself space to work it tends to make you more productive and creative. Before I personally get started in on a new project, the first thing I do is to clear my desk. It goes that a clean and uncluttered work space is indicative of clear mind. Simplicity should always be at the forefront. I’ve found that by simplifying my digital life and my different work processes, I’ve become much more energized to want to take advantage of my time. It’s freeing to know where things go and to follow through with that. That being said, I’d like to talk about some of the positives I’ve found in using the…

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