Use RSS, Really Simple Syndication is Great

RSS is everywhere and RSS feeds make it easy to do so many things. If you’re looking for any easy to automate your content, then use RSS. My top three uses are as follows:

1. My Website
RSS is everywhere on my personal site at Using RSS has made it effortless to have a site that is live and automatically showcases new content as I write it. It brings my site to life in a way that is of very low resistance. I’d highly recommend using RSS if you’re someone who is looking for an easy way to make your site pop.

2. News
RSS just makes it simple to read and consume the news I want to see. It allows me to custom tailor the news that is of importance to me. My favorite RSS news reader is Feedly. Google Reader was my favorite, but with its impending demise, Feedly is a great choice that also makes it easy to switch over to it from Google Reader.

3. Podcasts
Podcasts have been one of my favorite types of media to consume for years now and its most easily distributed via RSS. If you’re not tied into a service like iTunes, then RSS is a must for any podcast consumer.

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