Future Proofing the Blackberry Playbook: An Optimistic Two More Years of Regular Use

I picked up my Playbook today and started thinking about how much longer I would be using it on a regular basis. This lead me down the path of thinking about what I can do to future proof my Playbook for at least another year (two years optimistically). I also wanted to open this up to the Crackberry community to learn if there is anything that current users are doing to maximize their use and to prepare for continued use for a least the foreseeable future.

The first thing that I did today was to purchase any accessories that I haven’t bought before and would see myself using in the future. It was easy enough to find a case and a cable or two at an extremely insignificant cost. The second thing I did was to back up any essential android APKs that I use on my Playbook regularly. This included Linkedin, Evernote, Dropbox, and Officesuite Pro. Thankfully most of these apps are still supported by the Playbook android runtime or what I believes is Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Don’t quote me). The third thing I did was to go through Blackberry World which is something that ended up not being necessary. I did a sweep for any apps that I wanted to make sure I had loaded on the device in the instance that Blackberry does away with the App World on the Playbook (It would come as no surprise at this point). Unfortunately, anything worth downloading I already had. It really is depressing to take a walkthrough the Playbook App World. It’s like the graveyard where apps go to die… but, to continue… the new thing I did was to make sure that all of my accounts on the Playbook were configured correctly. The final step I took was to delete any unnecessary files from the device to make sure that it’s performing as well as it can.

That is really all that I could think of. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to get files onto and off the Playbook so as a multimedia player, I still plan to get a significant amount of use out of the device. It’s also still great as an on-the-fly content creation device. For my purposes, the quality of the video recording still really great for short form video clips.

All in all, I can still see myself using the Playbook for at least another year. The point at which I will probably taper off use of the device will be when the device really starts to lag in comparison to my other devices. For right now though, it’s not that big of a concern for what I use it for so here’s to another year of Playbook use.

What are your ideas? Has anyone else taken similar steps? Do you see yourself using the Playbook for much longer? Let me know your ideas. I know there are still a lot of users out there so hopefully there are some practical solutions out there for those of us who want to keep using our Playbooks.